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Best in Portland Carpet Cleaning

Looking for a top-notch carpet, couch, or tile cleaning service in Portland?


Look no further than Mr Steam Carpet Cleaning! As a small family-owned business, we take pride in delivering exceptional service to our clients. Here are just a few reasons why we're the best choice for your cleaning needs:


  • Expertise: With years of experience and a team of skilled technicians, we know how to get your carpets, couches, and tiles looking their best. We use the latest techniques and equipment to deliver results that exceed your expectations.​

  • Personal attention: When you choose Mr Steam Carpet Cleaning, you'll receive personalized attention from start to finish. We work closely with each client to understand their unique needs and tailor our services accordingly. Our goal is to leave you completely satisfied with the results.

  • Affordable prices: We believe that high-quality cleaning services shouldn't come with a high price tag. That's why we offer competitive pricing and a range of packages to suit your budget. You can trust us to deliver the best value for your money.

  • Environmentally friendly: At Mr Steam Carpet Cleaning, we're committed to using eco-friendly products and methods whenever possible. Our team uses green cleaning solutions that are safe for you, your family, and the environment.

  • VIP specials: Join our VIP mailing list and be the first to know about our cleaning specials and discounts! As a VIP member, you'll receive exclusive offers and tips on how to keep your carpets, couches, and tiles looking their best.

So why should you get your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Health benefits: Carpets can harbor dust, dirt, and allergens that can affect your indoor air quality. Regular cleaning helps to remove these contaminants and keep your home healthy.

  • Extend the life of your carpet: Professional cleaning can help to extend the life of your carpets, saving you money in the long run.

  • Remove tough stains: Our team has the expertise and tools to tackle even the toughest stains, leaving your carpets looking like new.

  • Improve the appearance of your home: Clean carpets can give your home a fresh, inviting look and make a great first impression on guests.

  • Maintain your warranty: Many carpet manufacturers require regular professional cleaning to maintain the warranty on your carpets. By scheduling regular cleanings, you can ensure that your carpets stay in top condition and protect your investment.

Ready to experience the Mr Steam Carpet Cleaning difference? Contact us today to schedule your cleaning service and join our VIP mailing list for exclusive specials and tips!

Check out our before and after pictures of carpet cleanings we've done here

We also clean area rugs in Portland, Or. as well as upholstery, hardwood floor cleaning and more! Check out or services below.

Why do we have a 4.9 Google review average?  (See our reviews here)

  • You save time with 2 hour arrival windows

  • You save money with affordable pricing

  • You get back to normal with reduced drying times

  • You enjoy a healthy home with 99% Green cleaning processes

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