Why Mattress Cleaning Matters

Updated: Feb 21

If you've never thought about having your mattress professionally cleaned, you're not alone! Find out why it's a good service to consider.

If you're like most of the population, it may have never crossed your mind to have your mattress professionally cleaned.

While putting this information together, it has been hard to figure out how to share the details without making you afraid to sleep in your bed tonight!

Unfortunately there just isn't a way to share why it's important and leave all those facts out. So, fair warning, just incase you don't want to know all the ickies, stop reading here and call us at 503-597-8326 to schedule your mattress cleaning ASAP.

Okay, your still here so here goes. This is the meat of it friend. You change your sheets often (I hope!) because you know your sweat, body oils, etc get into the material as you sleep. It's good hygiene and it's just a fact of life. Most people change their sheets on a weekly/ bi weekly basis.

The bottom sheet itself is breathable, which means tiny things can pass between it, and what's on top of the sheet can go to the mattress and what's in the mattress can come up through the sheet.

Dust mites and fungi can grow and in your mattress, can trigger allergies which can disrupt your sleeping and make it uncomfortable for you when laying in bed.

Cleaning your mattress reduces the risk of allergies, itching, and prevents certain illnesses by getting rid of harmful bacteria. It is important to clean your mattress at least twice a year or, better yet, with the change of the seasons.

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