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Best in Oregon for Carpet Cleaning

If you are looking for the best in affordable carpet cleaning in Oregon you have come to the right place!

When you are buying or selling a home, professional carpet cleaning removes odors left behind from cooking, pets and even teenagers!

Here are some of the locations we support.

Hillsboro zip codes we support 97003, 97006, 97007, 97078, 97123, 97124


Beaverton zip codes we support 97005, 97006, 97007, 97008, 97075, 97076, 97077, 97223


Aloha zip codes we support 97003, 97006, 97007, 97078


Lake Oswego zip codes we support 97034

Portland zipcodes we clean carpet in 97229, 97201 97202 97203 97204 97205 97206 97209 
97210 97211 97212 97213 97214 97215 97216 97217 97218 97219 
97220  97221 97222  97223  97225 97227 97229 97230  9723197232 97233 97236 97239 97258 97266 

Dog and cat urine stains and odor are common in PNW homes.


Regular affordable professional carpet cleaning can improve the quality of your air and remove the pet pee odors left behind after spot cleaning your carpets by hand.

Check out our before and after pictures of carpet cleanings we've done here

We also clean area rugs, steam clean mattresses as well as upholstery, hardwood floor cleaning and more!


Check out our amazing cleaning services here.

Why do we have a 4.9 Google review average?  (See our reviews here)

  • You save time with 2 hour arrival windows

  • You save money with affordable pricing

  • You get back to normal with reduced drying times

  • You enjoy a healthy home with 99% Green cleaning processes

Does it matter what your carpet cleaner believes? It's just carpet, right?

We believe in supporting small businesses that are aligned with our values. We have a hunch that you your might also. Here are the core beliefs we want you to know we run our company from; 

We believe all people deserve to live in a healthy home.

We know that there are many reasons, big and small, that a well loved and lived in home gets dirty. We ourselves have four sons, a 90lb dog and live a loud and busy life. Stains happen. Time passes. Soil accumulates. You still deserve to live in a home with better air quality and that you feel comfortable taking your shoes off.

We believe all people deserve to be treated with respect

You are more than just an appointment or a payment. You are a person and we make time for conversation and answering questions to ensure you know we see you this way. This is the same if you are a person having a residential cleaning done or a person with a business getting a commercial cleaning done. In a world full of division we want to be united in conversation if you want to talk.

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