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Can You Steam Clean a Couch?

Updated: May 4, 2022

Have you been looking at your couch and wondering if it's time to buy a new one? You may be thinking this sectional has seen better days!

Don't go shopping yet! Upholstery cleaning is safe, effective and saves you a ton compared to a new purchase. It helps the planet through less large garbage and you don't have to mess with trying to sell it on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace.

Steam cleaning your couch is the easiest but also most important step to help your furniture live it's best life!

Steam cleaning a couch is the best way to sanitize it. It also can remove pesky stains and take care of fleas, dust mites and reduces allergens in your home.

Did you know that it can also improve the air quality in your home?

If you are in the areas surrounding Beaverton, Hillsboro, or Portland, Oregon we can come give a no obligation quote. Call us today or schedule a time through our online scheduling

tool below!

We make steam cleaning your couch easy!

Simple to Schedule - Book your appointment online or give us a call.

Select a Two hour arrival window. No more having to wait around all day or put off another important appointment. If you need to leave, no worries! We can lock up when we are done and send you the final invoice via e-mail and text message.

99% green cleaning process - You can feel confident we have your health at the top of our mind. Our processes leave no icky smells, weird residues and is safe for your children and pets.

Reduced drying time - We've invested in upgrades to our equipment that pulls more water out at the same time we are cleaning so you don't have to wait long to put your feet up and relax on your clean couch!

Do you offer a discount?

We offer all services including couch cleaning, mattress and carpet cleaning to military families and seniors at a 10% discount. Please see our current specials for other seasonal offerings.


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