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Can Mr. Steam clean high rise apartments or condos?

High rise tenants finally have access to an affordable carpet cleaning option

High rise apartment and condo living has a unique set of challenges. Carpet cleaning is no longer one of them

We offer the most dependable carpet cleaning service in Oregon. High Rise apartments and condo tenants have always had a harder time finding a carpet cleaning company near them.

Newly built apartments with indoor only entry in the suburbs have come into the same road blocks with so many traditional water extraction only companies needing somewhere to park and run their hoses.

Woman searching for carpet cleaning
Searching carpet cleaners near me is no longer tough for high rise dwellers

Most companies in Portland start over $350 for high rise condo cleaning.

Say goodbye to paying over $350 minimum

Most companies offering high rise apartment and condo cleaning start at a minimum price of $350. At Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning we can easily access your home with our CRB equipment and provide top quality cleaning for up to half the price of other local cleaning companies.

Our high rise condo cleanings start at only $200 and includes deep carpet cleaning for up to 450 square feet of carpet. Have more to clean? No problem, extra square footage starts at $.40/ square foot. Pet urine and stain issues? We can address those too, with our proprietary pet packages, starting at $35.

What is "CRB"? Does it really clean carpet?

CRB stands for Counter Rotating Brushes. We have over 14 years experience in the industry and seen the best and worst of what is out on the market. The amount of dirt and debris the CRB pulls up beats any truck mount machine or commercial vacuum we’ve every used.

There is no need to worry that you will be getting a “second rate” cleaning if you are not receiving a hot water extraction, aka steam carpet cleaning. In fact, many of the standard cleanings we are performing now are receiving a CRB dry extraction before any carpet steam cleaning because it works so incredibly well.

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